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Monique Norris, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Monique Norris, LPC graduated with her master’s in clinical counseling from Emporia State University in 2019. Monique has had experience with individuals of all ages and backgrounds in both individual settings as well as couples and groups. Monique has provided therapy

for individuals facing depression, anxiety, trauma, questioning gender/sexuality and the journey of emerging adulthood. As a clinician, Monique’s priority is creating an environment in which any individual can feel safe and accepted; she recognizes the healing power of simply feeling seen and heard. Monique meets people wherever they are at in life with compassion, warmth, and support. She recognizes that each person is doing the best they can at that time. Acceptance and compassion are what promotes growth and change, not shame.

Because every person has unique needs, Monique works with various modalities to provide the best support for individuals. Monique finds great importance in trauma-informed practice and primarily takes a bottom-up approach to treatment. She believes that before we can change the way we think, we often must explore the how and why of our body’s response to the stressor. Monique often uses Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as other mindfulness-based practices, building self-awareness, and tuning in to somatic experiences. As a clinician, she addresses the whole person; this includes understanding the importance of physical, social, and spiritual health, as well as systemic issues and oppression. Monique values collaboration among professionals to prioritize the whole person, not just mental health alone.

Monique accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, andAmbetter. She does not accept KanCare (Medicaid) nor any form of Medicare.

From Dr. Wes: As an LPC, Lane is part of our training program. Monique is a great addition to our staff. Coming from a college counseling center, she is especially well suited to work with our broad student clientele from middle school to grad school. Her experience working with the LGBTQIA+ client community fits well within our inclusive treatment model. We're excited she's on our growing team and we know she'll fill up quickly. If you'd like to schedule an intake with her, while she still has openings, please complete the Ask About Services form.

Monique's Schedule

PLEASE READ BEFORE EXAMINING THE CALENDAR BELOW: Monique's availability for appointments is listed below. You CANNOT schedule here, only see availabilities. The appearance of an opening does not guarantee an appointment, it only allows you to see what is available to request. Contact the office at 785-371-1414 to schedule or if you are a new client, fill out the ask about services form. Due to how Google masks event details, the availability is listed as "busy." This means that anything that shows up as "busy" is actually OPEN for an existing client appointment.




Grateful for the journey...

I feel gratitude when clients share their stories during some of their darkest times. No matter where you are on your journey or what you may be carrying, I am honored to walk alongside you, help carry some of the load, and to illuminate your path.”

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Areas of Specialization


Teens and Young Adults
Monique has worked with teens and young adults facing challenging experiences and changes in their lives. During this time in period of development, the opportunities seem endless, as they explore and discover their true selves. Although this transition is normal and healthy, it can cause one to become overwhelmed, confused and even terrified. Monique seeks to support individuals in their journey toward living authentic and wholehearted lives.

Gender and Sexuality

In all aspects of Monique’s life, she strives to create a safe and inclusive space for individuals of all genders and sexualities. Her practice is no exception, as she finds joy and privilege working with LGBTQIA+ individuals to find solace and growth at any point in their journey. Whether it’s just needing an inclusive lens while addressing life’s many obstacles or space for those who are just beginning to explore these new parts of themselves, Monique is dedicated to providing what her clients may be looking for.


Monique is honored to provide a space, hope, and empowerment for individuals as they process moments where their autonomy and sense of power were taken away. She has done extensive training and research on therapy methods found in the literature to best guide individuals in using their body's natural capability to process trauma. Trauma recovery can feel daunting, and Monique recognizes the importance of having expert guidance as one moves through to the other side toward healing.