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Tamara Henley, LCPC, Senior Associate

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Tamara Henley, LCPC completed an MS in Counseling Psychology in 2009 from the University of Kansas with a special focus on children and families. Prior to completing an MS she spent time as a case manager in community mental health after specializing in Delinquency and Juvenile Justice

through the Human Development and Family Life program at The University of Kansas. She has experience treating depression, anxiety, self-harm, ADHD, behavioral disorders, transgender and gender identity issues, relationship issues, mental health diagnoses associated with Autism, parent-child struggles, children experiencing divorce and adjustment disorders.  Her many years in community mental health has provided her with experience working closely with Douglas County school systems and foster care agencies.  Tamara believes that skill building, education to help one understand their diagnosis and collaboration with the client will improve identification of one’s strengths and increase symptom management.

Tamara's Schedule

PLEASE READ BEFORE EXAMINING THE CALENDAR BELOW: Tamara's availability for appointments is listed below. You CANNOT schedule here, only see availabilities. Tamara's evening and after school schedule is typically filled during the school year with existing clients. Regardless of availability, she may not be taking new clients. The appearance of an opening does not guarantee an appointment, it only allows you to see what is available to request. Contact the office at 785-371-1414 to schedule or if you are a new client, fill out the ask about services form. Due to how Google masks event details, the availability is listed as "busy." This means that anything that shows up as "busy" is actually OPEN for an existing client appointment.


Treating the whole person...

Helping others is important to me. In working toward that end, I focus on the whole person to help each client reach his or her goals in a safe and encouraging environment using the most up to date interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Strengths Based measures. I want to join you and your family on your mental health journey."

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Areas of Practice

Children, Adolescents and Young Adults
Tamara has many years working with a wide range of mental health disorders impacting children, adolescents and young adults. She works with each client to personalize treatment to help individuals and families meet their goals.
Depression and Anxiety
Tamara has extensive experience helping children, adolescents and young adults understand depression and anxiety, identify skills to manage these challenges and find effective ways to maintain progress.
Gender Identity/Sexuality
Tamara works well with clients of all genders and sexual orientations. She is especially adept at helping young people clarify and organize their sexuality in a way that expresses intentionality and mindfulness of identity