Making a Personal Connection
For Change

Recognized Experts in Family Psychology

Professional standards define expertise in the practice of psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatric nursing. The staff of Family Psychological Services have met and exceeded those standards in their specialties. Wes Crenshaw is Board Certified in Couples and Family Psychology and holds Health Certificates in Sex Therapy and Sex Education from the University of Michigan. He is the author of several books and a frequent guest on public radio and commercial TV. Kelsey Daugherty is Board Certified in Psychiatric Nursing. All our professional staff are licensed in Kansas.

Alisha Saucedo specializes in play therapy for children and also has experience in acute psychiatric care, early childhood mental health, and working within the education and the foster care systems. Adrian Zelvy completed an MA in Counseling Psychology-Counselor Education specializing in Couple and Family Therapy in 2007 from the University of Colorado-Denver and has been working with children and families since 2008 with an emphasis on working with the acting out child and improving and repairing family dynamics.

Just as importantly, our staff knows how to make a personal connection for change with children, adolescents, families, and adults. These are not always "feel-good" relationships because therapy is rarely an easy journey. But the relationships we build are authentic, direct, and benevolent. Our goal is to work as a team to help you and your family succeed. If you're bringing children or teenagers to therapy, please assure them before the first visit that we see them as vital members of our team too.

You're putting your faith in a provider and organization to handle your case confidentially, professionally, and skillfully. Family Psychological Services will work to earn that trust.

Please take a look at our staff profiles at the bottom of this page. Click below each picture to learn more about the staff member and to find out if and when they have openings for new clients. We're building on Dr. Wes's 24 years of experience in business and mental health service delivery to enhance what you and your family get out of treatment, from the time you make your first call to our office, until we shake hands and say "good-bye."

Medication Management

Kelsey Daugherty, APRN is licensed to provide medication management services in Kansas. Family Psychological Services offers integrative treatment, meaning that we draw together medication and psychotherapy into a single treatment model to maximize outcomes. This is the best-practices standard in the mental health community as reflected in treatment guidelines from every national professional organization.

This means that we do not offer any free-standing medication management to clients who are not in ongoing psychotherapy services. This does not mean that you have to "see a therapist first," before getting medication. It means that you have to establish an ongoing treatment relationship with our therapy staff and maintain that relationship until we determine as a team that you can either be on a meds-only basis with our office or be referred to another provider who does non-integrative treatment.

Due to demands on her time, Kelsey does not provide medication management services for other therapists in Lawrence or Prairie Village. Clients of other providers who are interested in medication services should seek a referral from their therapist for a psychiatrist, PCP, or APRN who has an established relationship with that clinic.

Our goal in these policies is to improve outcomes and maximize the benefits you get from your experience at Family Psychological Services.

Intensive Outpatient Services Through Awakenings KC

Some clients need more than weekly or twice-weekly therapy. When that need arises, we refer to Awakenings KC, an Intensive Outpatient Program. Awakenings is owned and operated by Maria Cristina Davila, MD FAPA, a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst. She owns and operates Awakenings Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adults and adolescents with mental health and substance abuse concerns at 83rd and Mission in Prairie Village. Dr. Davila also serves as a consulting psychiatrist for Family Psychological Services and collaborating physician for Kelsey Daugherty, APRN. You can reach Awakenings at 913-381-8555.

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