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Most of our clinical staff see teens under the direction of Dr. Wes Crenshaw, who has specialized in adolescent psychology for his entire practice. Our staff know how to form the critical relationships necessary to improve outcomes, even with difficult teens...

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Parenting children with behavioral or psychological problems can be frustrating. Susan Chase, Tamara Henley. Rosa Knowlton and Lane Miller work with families to reduce intensity and frequency of conflict, and to curb distressing behaviors...

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Most therapists at Family Psychological Services see adult clients within our scope of practice, Adrian Zelvy, Jessica Allison, Kelly Hughes, Sarah Doyle, and Jordan Mayfield specialize in adult and adolescent mental health issues...

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We Are Seeing Existing Clients and Accepting New Requests at Two Offices in Lawrence

2601 W Sixth Street
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-371-1414

FPS Providers at Sixth Street

Wes Crenshaw, PhD ABPP
Adrian Zelvy, LCPC
Kelly Hughes, LSCSW
Jordan Mayfield, LSCSW LCAC
Sarah Doyle, LSCSW
Susan Chase, LSCSW
Rosa Knowlton, LMSW
Monique Norris, LPC
Andrea Summey, LMSW
Bailiee Buche, Intern

3320 Peterson Road
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-371-1414

FPS Providers at Peterson Rd

Marilee McCleerey, DNP
Adrian Cade, APRN
Tamara Henley, LCPC
Jessica Allison, LSCSW
Lane Miller, LMSW




Fifteen Providers and One Cat : Now is the Time to Request Services

Family Psychological Services (FPS) is the largest practice in Douglas County and we're continuing to expand, having recently added Monique Norris, LPC, Andrea Summey, LMSW and Nikki Hutchison, LMSW. FPS is owned and operated by psychologist Wes Crenshaw, PhD, a Lawrence resident with 30 years of experience, including the last 22 in practice locally. He and his associates see a broad clientèle from Lawrence, Douglas County, and the KC Metro. Please browse this website to learn more about our scope of practice and the services we provide.

Over the last two years of the pandemic, we've struggled alongside the rest of the mental health community to meet the demand of a community of adults, teens, and children faced with tremendous social and personal disruption. We've waited for months to be able to say "there's no waiting, let's get you scheduled," and finally -- at least for a time -- and with the hiring of new staff, we finally have quicker access for those seeking services. That said, after school and evening times will remain the most popular and hardest to attain. Between now and October 1, we'll be moving our offices to 3320 Peterson to join the five staff already housed there, allowing further expansion.

Please read our COVID19 page for up to date information about how we're serving Lawrence in these complicated times. Check back often to see what's new and where we're headed.

How to Request Services

We strive to make our intake system as seamless, user friendly, and quick as possible. To request services, please click the button below to start the process. Your information will be securely submitted through to our office manager. After reviewing this form, Dr. Crenshaw will assess your match for our services or, if applicable, suggest alternatives. Carrie Poe will guide you on completing your intake materials and get you scheduled with a therapist. We respond quickly but we are getting six to eight requests every day. So, if you don't hear back from us by the next business day, please check your SPAM folder and then call 785-371-1414.

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